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The typical restaurant web site is often produced by the same print shop that prints your menu. The printer scans the menu to a PDF, which then goes on the web site. Everything is cast in stone. When a change becomes necessary, you must go back to your printer and repeat the process. Delays are quite common and web site changes can take days or even weeks. Then there is the cost.

What makes the Restaurants-in-the-Cloud approach different is that it takes your printer out of the loop entirely. Your menu and other web content are stored in a database. You have direct and complete control over the content. Any changes that you make then appear on your web site in seconds, not days or weeks. It's responsive to your needs and allows some dynamic features that are impossible with the old way of having your printer do the work.

How do we do it? We created a Content Management System (CMS) tuned to the needs of the restaurateur. Some more advanced sites use a CMS like Druple or Moodle or Joomla. But these systems try be all things to all people and therefore are more complex and have features that you don't need and which bog you down. In short, they require you to be a half-geek. We extended every effort to make our CMS just what you need. It doesn't require any more than word-processing skills. A reasonably bright high school student could become your site's web master. Click here to see the CMS. You won't be able to make changes or upload anything because they'd be reflected on the public-facing site. We don't want mischief-makers mucking up the works. But you'll be able to see the "man behind the curtain".

Take a look and see what we offer.

It's Not For You If...

If you're content with a static web presence controlled by your menu printer or slapped together by your bartender using a one-size-fits-all template, then the Restaurant-in-the-Cloud framework is not for you and will seem to be not worth the cost. On the other hand, if you want a web site that is active, dynamic, and integrated with your business and does not force you to hire an Information Technology staff to bring it about, then talk to us.

Standard Features

Web Site Designed to reflect the look and feel of your restaurant with themed graphics (like the bamboo on Joe's One Pot Pub) and photos to reflect who you are.
Dynamic Menus Your administration page lets you change menus at will. Changes appear instantly on the web site. Don't go running to your printer when you want to add an item or change prices. You can also focus your menus for time of day by easily switching them on and off with a click. The underlying content remains in your database.
Specials A menu for every night of the week if you want. Easily change items, prices or change the order. Changes appear instantly on your web site. Has your chef developed a new dish? Have it appear on your web site in under a minute.
Photos Upload or delete photos of your restaurant, staff, or people having a good time at your place. You could even do it while they're still there and show them.
Links Include links to your Facebook and Twitter pages, plus the Open Table reservations system if you have an account.
Directions A Google map on your contact page.
Right side advertising Rotating notices of special features to which you want to draw attention. Can be linked to your own pages or even other advertising. You can pick day-sensitive notices and have them pop up first on the associated day. Control how long they stay on the page before being replaced by the next one.
Mobile Phones Works on these and on iPads too.

Optional Features

Chalkboard The first thing your customers will see when they visit your site. Put up time-sensitive notices. Have them come down automatically at the assigned time. It looks just like what you might put out in front of your restaurant for passersby to see. Weather has everybody else shut down? Let people know that you're still open. Having a slow night? Offer half price drinks until 9 o'clock. At 9 o'clock it's gone.
Coupons Sites like Groupon or the other 167 deal sites (NY Times 8/18/2012) that profit at your expense not working for you? Issue coupons under your terms. Nobody else takes a cut. Place limits on the number used or an expiration date. Each coupon is unique with a serialized bar code in order to prevent counterfeiting. With a bar code reader, you can validate and redeem coupons.
E-mail list Maintain lists of your A-list and B-list customers. Send e-mail blasts to one or both lists.
Flash Event Messaging If customers register their smart phone numbers, you will be able to message them for Flash Events. Local sports team's game just ended? Grab customers as they head home with a timely text message offering a sweet deal on hors d'oeuvres or drinks.
Feedback/Blog Have customers drop comments on your website. None will appear until you screen them first.
Calendar of Events Put up special events or recurring ones. Good for Monday night football specials, karaoke night, or whatever suits your business needs.
On-line ordering Take orders from the web site or even from mobile phones or tablets at your tables. Set up a PC in the kitchen where the orders appear within seconds of being placed.
Gift Certificates (coming soon!) Customers can order and print gift certificates right from your web site. Transactions will be handled safely by your PayPal merchant account. With a bar code reader you can verify gift certificates when they are redeemed.

What we don't offer and never will

Music Nothing drives people crazier than when they're surfing for a Friday night gathering place at work and music comes blaring from their speakers telling everybody in the office exactly what they're doing. It's one of the best ways to lose potential customers. They won't be able to run fast enough from your web site. And your regulars will get tired of hearing the same old ditty over and over again when they visit your site to see what's new and exciting.
Pop up ads We don't collect or use private data. So Joe Smith while surfing for a lunch place won't be greeted with ads for drugs or financial opportunities. Although you can use your right side placards for that if you want.
Flash animations Cute little movies that an art student will love but which take forever to load. They're one of the best ways to lose potential customers who get tired of waiting for the animation to load on their PC or wait for nothing to happen on their iPhones or iPads, which don't support Flash. And the novelty wears off quickly for your regular customers.


Cost is based on a subscription model, with the fee paid on a monthly basis. The basic web site is $75 a month, which includes hosting and annual domain name renewal. You can pay directly from your administration page through PayPal or send a check each month.

Optional Costs

These are add-ons to your monthly fee,

E-mail list$20/month
On-line ordering$25/month
Flash Messaging$20/month
Gift Certificates$25/month

Installation Charge

There is a normal installation charge of $600 on contract and $600 when the web site goes live. For a short time, these fees are being waived. You only begin paying your subscription fee when the site goes live. We don't have a date when this offer will be rescinded. It could happen any time.So act now.

Getting Started